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Specialists in the handling of Radioactive Material and temperature sensitive goods.
We guarantee the highest standards and maximum safety.


Since our company was founded in 1982, we have developed into an internationally
recognized specialist in flexible and smooth logistics for highly sensitive goods.
All our employees are trained in accordance with IATA DGR and ADR requirements.
You can rely on our decades of experience, particularly when it comes to dealing with
radioactive materials and temperature-sensitive goods.
Flexibility, expertise, and punctuality are the hallmarks of our activities in all aspects
of our wide range of services. The seamless integration of our services into existing
process chains is part and parcel of our day to-day work.

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Borchardt Logistics GmbH

Fasanenweg 7c

65451, Kelsterbach


Phone: +49 6107 96776-0

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Mr. Thomas Behr (COO)
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