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SAR-Transporte AG (SAR) is specialized in the transportation of hazardous materials, in particular radioactive materials, on national and international markets. These products are used in both medicine and industry. SAR is ISO certified. A team of qualified and experienced co-workers and a fleet of SAR-owned modern vehicles with special up-to-date technical equipment provide top quality service.


SAR holds the leading position in Switzerland for the distribution of radio-pharmaceuticals and kits on a daily basis throughout Switzerland. The end users receive their valuable products by 8 a.m. on the day after dispatch if they guarantee night acceptance.

Another time-critical service is the reliable distribution of F-18 in Switzerland and neighbouring states and all express freight which is transported in accordance with the agreed deadlines.


SAR takes care of import and export formalities, regular import and export road transports and airfreight shipping. Several other services round off our wide field of activity: transports under controlled temperature -20°C/+20°C, storage and dispatch of kits, transports with our certified Type A packagings such as 20' container and smaller transport packs, nuclear material transports, e.g. for all Swiss nuclear power plants, exceptional transports in special containers such as the transport of fuel rods, large sources and radioactive waste, advisory services in the shipping of hazardous materials, complete logistics coordination between shipper and recipients, hiring of qualified personnel such as hazard material officials etc..


SAR wants to fulfill customer agreements uncompromisingly through dependable and punctual services and to meet all highly stipulated legal requirements, thereby achieving total customer satisfaction.


SAR-Transporte AG

Philipp Kuhn


Mattenstrasse 1
CH-5222 Umiken


Phone: +41 - (0) 56 - 460 60 60

Fax: +41 - (0) 56 - 460 60 66






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