MITRadiopharma is specialized in transportation, logistics and shipment of short and very very short half-life radiopharmaceutical products (I-123, F-18,Y-90).
All processes are managed in compliance with dedicated procedures, which ensure wide distribution, flexibility and high performances.
All the processes are managed efficiently and in a very reliable way namely for services requiring:

- Dedicated ADR means of transport for deadline and time scheduled deliveries

- Pickups in all Italian airports (alongside the aircraft)

- Possible organization of Italian and foreign air freight
- Transport from manufacturing sites to destination sites
- 24 h Availability/Traceability (office personnel and means)
- Full management of documents
- Management of return empty packing

MITRadiopharma has an authorized warehouse for extended storage (bunker) which allows possible radiopharmaceuticals logistic and management services perfectly integrated to transport:

-           bunker for storing radioactive material

-           radiopharmaceuticals sorting and check

-           supply of compliance packaging

The authorized warehouse along with a far-reaching Network allow an adequate and planned management of decayed generators all over Italy including the following services:

- contextual pickup of old generator when the new is delivered
- planned pickup
- Storage and consolidation of shipments in authorized warehouse :

management and control according to regulations in force
               - inventory

- disposal (Nucleco agent)
- Pickup at production site

EITA (European Isotopes Transport Association) is the Association of highly specialized carriers, MITSafetrans belongs to and with whom it shares the professionalism and experience of a high expertise road transport and airfreight of radioactive isotopes over the whole European territory in full compliance with European regulations.
The coverage of an international network includes an organized structure with different partners which support such network to meet at best the requirements of radiopharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

All the services are carried out with high quality handling and packing, thus ensuring a total safety during transport

MIT Radiopharma

Via Artigianato, 12

20061 Carugate (MI)

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Gianfranco D'Attanasio

Dangerous Goods Shipping Dept.

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Marco Crenna

Managing Director

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Stefano Amann

Quality responsible

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