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IFE, Institute for Energy Technology, acts as a central “isotope pharmacy” for Norway, and controls and distributes all radiopharmaceuticals directly to the nuclear medicine departments in Norwegian hospitals, a practice dating back to 1952. Our expertise in the distribution of dangerous goods and radiopharmaceuticals is also applied in the undertaking of clinical trials for our partners. IFE has for many years distributed radiopharmaceuticals to individual patients in large parts of the world. Our most important task is to ensure that all patients who need radiopharmaceuticals receive this at the right time, in the right dose and with the best quality and safety.
Our drivers and vehicles are all ADR approved in accordance with current regulations.

We have daily transports of radiopharmaceuticals between the airport in Oslo and Norwegian hospitals. We also transport technical samples and products for clinical trials between production plants and research laboratories, universities and hospitals. If it is expedient, Ife can also arrange airfreight.



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