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EITA is a  non-profit association, which was founded in 1998 by European logistics companies, trained, licensed and highly sophisticated in transport and handling of radioactive isotopes. The member companies are specialized in road transport as well as in airfreight handling and transportof radioactive products. Mainly used for medical purpose and / or research.


The key objectives of EITA:


  • To perform all services in a high quality, which is appropriate to the demands of the producers and suppliers as well as to those of the users and the public.


  • To guarantee, that all transports and handling manipulations are done in consideration of the necessary level of safety and security, which is required for these products.


  • To work together with the competent authorities on harmonisation of the legislative requirements in the EU states, so that the free market access in every state is guaranteed for all logistics providers, which fulfil the appropriate standards.


  • To enable the members to present themselves to the relevant public.


  • To hold up permanent contact to industry and competent authorities to be able to react immediately to all changes in market conditions as well as in legal standards.


Companies, which are working and licensed in transport, handling and storage of radioactive materials are welcome to become members of EITA.